Weather you’re in the best shape of your life or recovering from a significant injury it is imperative that we take the steps to stay limber and injury resistant.

I work extensively with the older population and I have had tremendous success stories rehabilitating frozen shoulders, relieving chronic pain, and regaining joint mobility, and strength. Have a look at what people are saying:

“Ghee cured my Knee pain...I saw Chiropractors, Physiotherapists...noone took the time and solved the problem until Ghee. SO GRATEFUL!!”


“I had knee pain for years. Nothing ever worked until I started training with Ghee. He is a very knowledgeable trainer and a great person.”


My process for restoring your mobility will have you feeling your best by correcting your posture, restoring mobility and increasing your full body strength.  Ready to get back to feeling your best? Book in for a complimentary consult below.