Working with Ghee was an absolute pleasure, I gained 15 pounds of muscle and a new friend :)
— Matt
Ghee cured my Knee pain...I saw Chiropractors, Physiotherapists...noone took the time and solved the problem until Ghee. SO GRATEFUL!!
— Jen

I connected with Ghee online, he was so generous with his time, and through his guidance i was able to lose over 80 pounds. THANK YOU!!! :)
— Amy

I have been training with Ghee for 1.5 years — so far i have lost 30 pounds and gained 15 pounds of muscle. I am now training kickboxing s well and love it!!!
— Adam

Worked with Ghee for 6 months and was able to lose 35 pounds and build muscle I never thought possible for myself. Ghee is very knowledgeable and an awesome human being... THANK YOU!
— Kelly

I had knee pain for years. Nothing ever worked until I started training with Ghee. He is a very knowledgeable trainer and a great person.
— Moira